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  Registered and founded on December 26th, 2007, Huijin is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengdu Environment Group, which is set up by separating five auxiliary business units of Chengdu Water Supply Company, with the registered capital of RMB 150 million. Our main business scope: production, marketing and maintenance of water meters; production and marketing of water purifying agents; hotel management service; house rent and property services; project construction management; service station management and finished oil retail; landscape engineering and maintenance; labor dispatching; catering services, etc.

  Currently, Huijin has 5 operative segments which respectively refer to a water affair segment (water meters, water purifying agents), a hotel segment, a property segment, an energy segment and a project management segment.

  Chengdu Xingrong Anke Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. subordinate to Chengdu Xingrong Environment Co., Ltd. specializes in design and construction of water supply/drainage and environmental protection projects as well as water supply/drainage pipe network detection and other businesses, and is one of main enterprises for municipal engineering construction in southwest region.

  Insisting on technical management innovation all the time, Anke is mainly mainly engaged in perfecting and strengthening municipal pipeline construction, and strives to expand water supply/drainage design, consultation and pipeline detection, thus gradually forming a new pattern of all-around development of design, construction and subsequent professional support.

  Our company provides customers with more intimate and perfect services by implementing design and construction of key municipal projects, transformation and maintenance of people’s livelihood projects and many other businesses, to create core competitiveness, going all out to improve our market influences in the southwest region and even the whole country.

  Pipeline Detection Business Field

  Chengdu Wote Underground Pipeline Detection Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengdu Xingrong Anke Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., is a standing committee member unit of Underground Pipeline Specialized Committee of China Urban Planning Association. The main business of the company includes water supply pipe network leakage control projects, water drainage pipeline inspection and internal repair cleaning projects, pressure pipeline (urban water supply, gas, etc.) leakage point location, underground pipeline detection, engineering measurement as well as basic data (pressure, flow, etc.) testing of pipe networks and so on.

  As one of the most professional underground water supply pipeline detection companies in China, our company is engaged in large water affair pipe network leakage detection services outside Shenzhen, Jinan, Kunming, Urumchi, Jiujiang, Fuzhou, Haikou and other provinces. We have smoothly completed water drainage pipeline inspection and internal repair services as well as pipeline completion measurement, topographic map surveying and mapping, plot pipeline integrated detection engineering and so on in Chengdu, Shifang, Yibin, Rucheng of Hunan, Wuzhishan of Hainan and other places.

  Business Field of Wote Design Company

  Chengdu Wote Water Supply Engineering Design Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengdu Xingrong Anke Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., is mainly engaged in professional design and consultation services of water supply and drainage engineering.

  In the industry of water supply and drainage engineering design, Wote Design Company raised and practiced technologies of boring and cutting prestressed pipes at the earliest in China. Engineering design undertaken by the company has repeatedly won “First and Second Prizes” of Sichuan Provincial and Chengdu Municipal Excellent Design Award; engineering technology consultation services have repeatedly won “Second and Third Prizes” of Sichuan Provincial Excellent Engineering Consultation Achievement Award.

  Since the inception, our company has completed the integrated design of water supply engineering in more than thirty districts/counties such as Hainan Qinglan Development Zone, Sichuan Northwest Region, Longquan Economic and Technological Development Zone, etc. We have smoothly implemented large water conveying pipe design of Chengdu Sixth and Seventh Water Supply Plants as well as the design and consultation businesses of off-site water taking engineering of Wanxing Garbage Power Plant and many other large integrated projects.